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Moving to Cyprus from the UAE

Are you looking for a place to build your business and enjoy breezier holiday weather? Look no further than the beautiful island of Cyprus. Here, you can expect both an advantageous tax system that is perfect for business owners, and a relaxed way of life, characterized by a lively nightlife and a cooler Mediterranean climate.

Tempted to make the switch from the UAE to Cyprus? Check out our guide to make sure your move goes as smoothly as possible.

Why Cyprus?

Cyprus is a great place to live a varied lifestyle, and enjoy a perfect work-life balance. On one side, you have a cheaper cost of living, a robust economy, and a tax system that is perfect for new business owners. On the other, you get to enjoy an island full of exciting activities, and the luxury of heading to a beach after a long day – what more could you ask for?

When you move to Cyprus, you’ll feel right at home in no time. The expat community in Cyprus might be smaller than in the UAE, but Cypriot locals are known for their friendly, welcoming nature, and many of them also speak English. However, learning a few basic phrases in Greek or Turkish can go along way! Whenever you crave the comforts of home, you can use any of the various airports and travel links to get away when you need to.

How to move from UAE to Cyprus?

Are you weighing up moving from the UAE to Cyprus? Here’s everything you need to know:

Get the best Visa for your needs

Whether you are moving here temporarily, or looking at a longer-term stay, there are plenty of options for people making the move from the UAE to Cyprus. If you are staying for just 90 days, UAE citizens can take advantage of a free temporary visa. You also have the option to stay up to 3 months if you are working, studying, or joining with a family member who lives there.

Looking to move to Cyprus for work? For this, you’ll need to fill out an application after getting a job offer from a Cypriot employer. The employer will usually need to demonstrate that no suitable local candidate can fill the position before hiring a foreign national.

If you are planning to stay in the long-term, you’ll need to get your hands on a Permanent Residency Permit. Valid for up to 5 years, you can gain one by proving that you have lived in Cyprus for 5 years with a Temporary Resident Permit. If you’re after a quicker route, you also have the option of Cyprus citizenship by investment by purchasing a home worth 300,000 euros using funds that came outside of Cyprus.

Choose a city to live in

From Limassol to Paphos and Famagusta, Cyprus has too many great cities to mention in one article. But whatever lifestyle you crave, you won’t have any issue finding a city that suits your needs. While getting around in the UAE depends heavily on driving a car, Cyprus is known for its great transport links, helping you go from city to city with ease. Do some research to work out what environment will suit you best, whether you need to be near the city for work, or by the seaside.

Find a new home

This might sound obvious, but make sure you have your housing situation sorted out before you move to Cyprus. Get in touch with a real estate agent to help you find a home for your needs, whether you need an apartment to rent for work, or a traditional home to fit a whole family. If you plan to purchase or rent property in Cyprus, be sure to research the local real estate laws and regulations. Property ownership and rental agreements can differ from those in the UAE.

Register with a bank account

When you move to Cyprus, don’t forget to register with a new Cypriot bank account – this will make your day-to-day transactions much easier to track. All you’ll need is your passport, proof of address and a reference letter when you visit your bank.

Sort out some healthcare

Healthcare should be one of your first priorities when you make the move to Cyprus. Thankfully, like in the UAE, you can count on some of the best healthcare in the world here – the World Health Organisation has ranked them alongside the UK and US for their high standard of healthcare. This can protect you and save you a lot of money in the event of an emergency!


With plenty of people moving from the UAE to Cyprus for work, now is the perfect time to get involved in the action. If you’re looking for a base to explore the benefits of Cypriot living, Chris Michael Property Group has got your back with a selection of villas, apartments, and homes for sale in Cyprus.

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