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What makes a great office space?

Posted by harps@themediapeople.co.uk on February 23, 2023

Whether you are starting a new business or looking for a new corporate office, having a good office space can make a world of difference for your workforce. Find the right space, and your workers will profit from greater productivity, happiness and comfort. However, the wrong office space can leave your workers feeling uninspired and even run down.

But what are the ingredients for the dream office space? Here are some of the key things you should look out for when deciding on an office space.

A prime location

A great office space isn’t just determined by everything on the inside – it’s also about what the surrounding area has to offer! For example, a prime office location would be somewhere surrounded by handy transport links that make it easy for your workforce to get to. Outside of work, it also makes a big difference if your office space is located near to some exciting restaurants, local amenities and bars to spend Fridays after work.

Sleek and minimalist design

When it comes to picking an office space, you’ll want to avoid a cluttered work zone surrounded by clashing furniture and wallpaper. A clear, uncluttered workspace is great for productivity, removing distractions from your workspace. But it also helps to reduce stress, make clearer decisions, and results in a more professional appearance! What more could you ask for from your working environment?

Comfortable, movable furniture

It’s hard to focus on work when you’re rooted to an uncomfortable desk chair. With this in mind, a good office space will prioritize your comfort and ease of movement. After all, a comfortable workforce is a happy workforce! A great office space will also give you the opportunity to move your office furniture to improve your workflow and switch things up when needed.

Natural light

The best office space is one that feels like a second home for its workforce. Your office should be a warm and inviting space for your workers, rather than cold and clinical. One way to ensure that homely feel in your office is to get a space with plenty of access to natural light. As well as illuminating your office and giving that golden quality to your furniture and appliances, natural light will help to energize and lift the mood of your workforce. Let there be light!

Open spaces

You know the old saying – a clear space means a clear mind! Never is this more important than in your office space. Studies show that open-plan office spaces are the most conducive for productivity and inspiration, as well as encouraging more cooperation with your colleagues. This is even more helpful if your office gets a good amount of natural light, which can reduce your stress levels and inspire you to push through those difficult work days.

A great view

If you are struggling for inspiration, the last thing you need is a dimly lit office space with a window view of your parking lot. On the other hand, an office with an incredible view of your city is a perfect environment for creative thinking and inspiration. As well as letting plenty of natural light into your home, it’s also a great place to head if you ever need a break from your work obligations.

Looking for offices to rent in Limassol? Chris Michael Property Group has got you covered with a selection of beautifully-designed, open-plan office spaces. With plenty of space, natural light and wonderful views, you’ll find the perfect office space in no time.

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